Boarding horses – € 300 /month net

The horses live in 12 sq m boxes. During the day they are kept in paddocks. The price includes forage, clean stable, paddock. Usage of riding hall is also part of the price. Horse-owners have access to changing rooms with showers and a spacious sitting room.

Lunge lesson (20 minutes) – € 10

Facilitates the instruction of beginners. The horse moves in a circle on a ten-metre long lungeing rein while the instructor, using personalised methods, teaches proper posture, movement, and the basics for controlling the horse and developing a sense of balance.

Riding class (45 minutes) – € 15

This form of instruction is recommended for intermediate and advanced riders. During the riding class, the horses are first warmed up, then the riders, following the instructor’s directions, execute interesting exercises at a trot. At the end of the class, they practice at a canter. One can practice independent riding, which is also a chance to prepare for trail riding. For intermediate riders, canter practice at the end of the class takes place on a lunge line.

Trail riding (60 minutes) – € 15

Around Csabdi, one can ride in a varied, gently rolling, hilly terrain. Only experienced riders can take part in trail rides led by András Komjáthy. Before setting out on a trail ride, we check our guests’ riding skills (in accordance with relevant legislation) on the horse track.

Trail riding (120 minutes) – € 25

The two-hour trail ride proceeds along several different routes, touching on the area’s natural attractions, e.g. an abandoned bauxite mine, a quarry, the Somló Hill lookout, a forest of old oaks…

Day-long ride (2*120 minutes) – based on individual pricing

For day-long rides, which are led by András Komjáthy, the riders enjoy both a two-hour morning and afternoon ride. After the morning ride, both horses and riders rest. After lunch, relaxed conversation and rest, everyone returns to the Lovas Zugoly Riding School along a route different from the one taken in the morning. Day-long rides are organised mainly in the period from late spring to early autumn.